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Gruppo Tazzari - Shell Casting

A Tazzari Group company, it is based in imola in a 3500 sq.m covered plant. it is a technologically advanced foundry, producing aluminium alloy chilled castings by gravity die-casting with latest-generation automatic pouring equipment.

Shell Casting has latest-generation in-line automatic batch kilns, combining high output rates with production planning flexibility, to always ensure consistently high-quality products.

Shell Casting uses control technology and equipment suitable for guaranteeing compliance of all its products with the uni en iso 9001:2000 standards. this equipment includes:radioscopy room with image storage facilities, electromechanical press for tensile testing, spectrometer for chemical testing, ultrasound devices, three-dimensional testing devices, microscopes for structural analysis, endoscopic testers and durometers.the materials used are first inspected at production cycle start. the production cycle is constantly monitored, with scheduled checks resulting in certified quality castings.