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Gruppo Tazzari - Sand Casting

The core shop is equipped with a cold box system with 5 to 40 litre latest-generation core setters and shell moulding tilting core setters. The core shop is completed by a core trimming, assembly and gluing shop. This system enables the foundry to meet any in-house requirements in real time.

Our in-house design department uses the most advanced design, 3D modelling and pouring simulation systems; the manufacturing stages of all the equipment are studied, planned and followed up, looking for the best project development in order to minimise sampling times and optimise end production.

Sand Casting

The Fomet foundry is constantly investing in its production system upgrading and efficiency improving, to guarantee high flexibility and output rates. these systems include:
-green sand casting moulding automatic system, output rate 55 flasks/hour with dimensions 1000 x 800 and height 600mm.
-sand casting
-resin moulding system, output rate 35 moulds/day with dimensions 1400x1400, max height 1000mm.
- semiautomatic green sand casting moulding system, output rate 15 flasks/hour, dimensions 750 x 750, max height 500mm.