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Gruppo Tazzari - Concrete Boom

Concrete systems is a TAZZARI GROUP company specialising in concrete handling equipment.our strength is our experience: the know-how acquired by our personnel and sub-contractors enables us to offer to the international market high-tech products suitable to meet the variety of needs of our customers.

CONCRETE SYSTEMS manufactures and markets concrete distribution booms. the several available combinations of booms and bases, and the possibility to supply complete systems mounted on trucks, all result in a product range able to satisfy any market requirement.

Concrete systems manufactures booms in our plants using the experience of TAZZARI GL to make and assemble the various components, constantly guaranteeing finished product top quality. CONCRETE SYSTEMS also guarantees after-sales service for its products everywhere in the world.

Il braccio pompa carrellato chimera 14-46m, marcata CE, e’ montato su un carrello ad un’asse facilmente trainabile in cantiere: la sua stretta carreggiata permette di farlo passare quasi ovunque. Una soluzione intelligente per medi e piccoli cantieri e dove non è possibile utilizzare metodi tradizionali come pompe autocarrate o beton pompe.

The trailer-boom-pump chimera is CE certified. the one-axle trailer is easily towed in the job-site. The reduced width of the unit allows to tow it in a narrow space and become an obliged choice where the traditional pumping systems by boom-pump truck cannot operate due to their wider dimensions.